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After 7-8yrs since we last seen eachother our paths crossed on Feb. 21st 2007 & twenty-eight days later I became his Queen Mrs. Meliame Nydegger & two years later our DIAMOND in the SKY daughter PRINCESS Ongo May Tainali blessed our lives. Were just getting started & excited for our journey together to ETERNITY...thank you for visiting!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another year =)

Oh man where does the time go? So my dear like I posted before this post you turned a BIG 8 months AND guess what I have turned.......31YRS YOUNG=) you know there comes a time in life where you just have to deal with it and this I must say (my b-day) is my time to have that moment of DEAL WITH IT!! So proud to say your momma has lived & enjoyed the 31yrs of my LIFE!!  I'm sure when you get older I'll share with you more in detail how my past 4yrs of b-day have been w/ your crazy Dad!  But I can share a few thing w/ this post
**1st year new pair of KSWISS tennis's/ ICE CREAM b-day cake/ Aquarium visit/ a cute mustard vest (that your namesake Aunty) took lol. Here is a picture from that day....

**2nd year he surprised me w/ taking the WHOLE family Makoni's & Lapuaho's to Hogle Zoo it was a great time spent w/ all the very close LOVED ones.  We arrived to G-Ma & G-Pa Lapu'ahos for B-fast and packing to head out to Hogle.
Me & Mom & Dad (G-Ma & G-Pa Makoni) w/Moala Si'i & Sisi
**3rd year was very low key due our busy schedule, and our tight budget we went out for dinner, and a movie very simple & FUN!
**4th year I got a new camera WOOOO HOOOOOOO along w/ a very beautiful card from you & your Daddy I'll have to post about it...that my dear is how cute of a b-day card it is!  We spent the night w/ the Makoni's where Aunty Ita made some YUMMY cupcakes w/ yummy snacks.  Your Dad had a crazy idea to spend about $400 plus just for my b-day UHHHhhhh.....not good so he did w/ what he could!! I've learned to embrace the fact that I'm going uphill rather then down but it's all good!! Love you momma....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

HAPPY 8 months our PRINCESS

                                                    Aunty Morena & Ongo May (7months)

Yes I know this is not a real recent picture..but I left my camera/usb cord at home boooooooo to Mom.  OK my dear you turned 8 months on Sept. 1st pretty crazy huh? Oh my where do the time go? All i know its goes by to fast!! Sorry sweety we did not do the traditional b-day cake and singing its been pretty hectic BUT it's OK we are NOT going to die right? lol You are 8 months going on 2yrs lol your are trippen out me & Dad with what you do let me share some of the things you have now developed.

*  You respond to all your "nicknames" "Baby Girl" "MooMoo" "Princess", Ongo May
* When you hear music (of any kind) or the word "tauolunga" you begin to dance with your hands like a big girl lol.  Every one trips out because your so young & yet you know how to do it! lol
* You squirm/crawl everywhere and you move pretty fast.
* You have two lil teeth that have popped up on the bottom and you chew like such a pro its pretty crazy.
* No longer on formula, you dig JUICE like no other.
* You seem to know how to get your way with things lol and your only 8 months.."oh dear" lol
* You are very attached to me & Dad and we LOVE it when you hear our voices your so quick to look for us.

You have plenty of more skills you are developing, but you'll know how easy it is for me to stress AND I am not wanting to do that while "blogging" about you!! I want to be very care free just like you are with your sweet spirit!! I LOVE you my beautiful daughter...HAPPY 8 MONTHS and plenty more to come!!

Love Mom

Friday, August 27, 2010

2010 Filimoeatu Family Reunion "STILL GOING STRONG" 157 Baby...

Yea sorry Ongo May pretty long title for a post huh..lol well its our family reunion (G-Ma Ongo's side) we have been holding our family reunion every year every since 2000.  Now we've had other family functions BUT an actual family reunion is very different and as you get older you will see why.  I've mentioned in another post about your Great Grandparents but this is specifically to my Grandparents that I was blessed to know growing up!! Anyhow us grand-kids all grew up very close so we decided to take it upon ourselves and hold our annual family reunion and I must say we've been doing very good. Whether it be big or small it always turns out GREAT!! This year it is very small and simple but it fits the timing of everything right now, and all we care about is getting together!! Activities for the weekend are:

Aug. 27 Friday @ 5pm Uncle Johns "Fili Family Movie Night" we have clips from past family functions that they put on a DVD for us to enjoy this evening woo hoo.  They'll have a pop corn machine, nachos, candy, drinks and so much more lol!

Aug. 28 Saturday @ 6am-9am <----"Service Project" / Game Day @ Uncle John's / Skit and Karaoke

Aug. 29 Sunday @ 6pm FHE / Prep for next year.

That's it very simple! Below is a picture of the two who has started this long list of bro's & sis's, cousins and so on!!

Grandpa Isi & Grandma Tonga

Our family reunion theme 2010
Filimoeatu sibilings w/ spouses 2008
                                Oldest: Aunty Sisy, Aunty Ana, G-Ma Ongo, Aunty Ruby, Aunty Moni
                                                Uncle Phil, Uncle Dee, missing Uncle Jayy

I'm excited for you Princess you will get to meet more of your Aunts & Uncles, G-Pa's, G-Ma's and very fun with your cousins!! No worries you know Ill capture a lot of great pictures this weekend!! Love you.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I figure its time to zoom up to date so from now on I will blog about the current events BUT at times I'll put in a post here & there about things I slacked on with posting.

I believe it started last Saturday that would've been the 21st Aug. I noticed you started to have a little cough didn't really think much at first and then it became very consistent coming every 5-10minutes =(.  You are such a trooper it didn't stop you from smiling!! As of today the cough has pretty much gone yippee!! You are in a phase of not liking anything but juice...its pretty funny because you seem to have down the colors of your bottles & the "yellow" that usually has the milk you do not BUDGE with opening your little mouth lol.  Crazy thing of it all you are only 7months and your supposed to be on the formula at least till 10months and your only 7months lol. So sad =( my sweetness we were not able to sing your monthly b-day but that's OK we can not sweat the small things lol.  At nights right now you tend to wake up here & there but for the most part you are OUT for the COUNT.  You now love to eat food like real food you have never in your short lil life of 7months ate baby food wt? You know it really has no taste of any kind so you prefer the ghetto type "mommy eats w/you" if you know what i mean.  I think tomorrows post Ill post with all the "what you are doing" type of info. I love you my beauty!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A few more pictures...

OK OK we are going on another day putting and finishing this post about our 1st Family Vaca so let me hurry it up so I can catch up already..sorry Ongo May!! I figure we have tons of DVDs with your pictures so I need to just catch up and not stop because I don't have picture for each post lol.  So here are some random pictures to share and then I'll move on lol.
Dad was trippen out on this picture I think you were too lol
You were OUT when we got back to the hotel.....

You were to tired to watch the show lol
You & Daddy waiting for the shuttle to the Hotel..he kept you pretty warm lol
I think this was one when we both got done eating lol

Trying to keep you occupied...
So at the end or our short but very fun trip we got stuck at the track station in Anaheim they had sent your stroller on the wrong Pacific Liner so we waited for about and hour lol hence the picture above of your Dad keeping you busy lol.  We'll we made it on the 8p.m. flight back to home and it wasn't until we were on the plane and realized we left the camera booooooooooo.  Dad & I made a trip out about a month later lol and picked it up our "shuttle man" held on to it until we could make it back.  It was a very nice fun trip just me & Dad but we missed you sooooooo much here is a picture of us swimming lol I know what were we thinking lol.  I promise my sweetness I'm going to get us caught up we are now in the month of August and I haven't even started on events & pictures from July hoi.....but we will make it happen.  Love you.......

Friday, August 20, 2010


OK it only took me a week to get the energy to put up this post sorry Ongo May!! You were up bright & early with lots of energy which made it even more exciting for me & Dad.  We were off to have breakfast at the little restaurant that was attached to our Hotel and it was pretty yummy! You had the attention of course of everybody there in fact a cute lil elderly women came over & asked to hold you lol it was to cute you were all smiles that lit up that room for everyone!  After breakfast we waited until everybody there @ the Hotel was ready to go and off we went to SEA WORLD!!
You are so ready to go....(inside the shuttle)

Right before we left waiting in the lobby!
It was a very short ride to Sea World probably took about 20minutes...right when we got there it was so exciting especially seeing your Dad he was a kid all over again lol.  We took a picture with Shamu....

Nydegger Family
You & your Daddy were ready to tear the Park down here is the first thing you two did...

Check you out.....
Here are some random pictures taken....

White Polar Bears chllen
Hefty Walrus scared you lol
Daddy trying to show you something..  


In one of the many aquarium

YIKES sharks.....
OK let me end this post because the pictures are not loading so let me load them on the next post lol..love you my May!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Daddy & his Princess...June 8

So this little post I wanted to share is about how in LOVE your Daddy is with you!! We are both blessed to have such a great man to be a part of our lives and to be the two most important lil girls to him!! lol In these next few pictures is of your Dad with you the morning we of our trip to SEA WORLD woo hoo just wanted to share some of the moments that I caught with the camera w/ Daddy & his PRINCESS....
Daddy and you waiting for me to finish getting ready :)

Dad pushing on a morning stroll....

Of course he had to think of something to make you laugh.....

Getting you prepped to head out to Sea World!

Kisses as always all over your face lol
I can't wait till you start to realize who this crazy man is that stares at you ALL THE TIME, that kisses you every where he can! You are defineltly a Daddy's girl:)