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After 7-8yrs since we last seen eachother our paths crossed on Feb. 21st 2007 & twenty-eight days later I became his Queen Mrs. Meliame Nydegger & two years later our DIAMOND in the SKY daughter PRINCESS Ongo May Tainali blessed our lives. Were just getting started & excited for our journey together to ETERNITY...thank you for visiting!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another year =)

Oh man where does the time go? So my dear like I posted before this post you turned a BIG 8 months AND guess what I have turned.......31YRS YOUNG=) you know there comes a time in life where you just have to deal with it and this I must say (my b-day) is my time to have that moment of DEAL WITH IT!! So proud to say your momma has lived & enjoyed the 31yrs of my LIFE!!  I'm sure when you get older I'll share with you more in detail how my past 4yrs of b-day have been w/ your crazy Dad!  But I can share a few thing w/ this post
**1st year new pair of KSWISS tennis's/ ICE CREAM b-day cake/ Aquarium visit/ a cute mustard vest (that your namesake Aunty) took lol. Here is a picture from that day....

**2nd year he surprised me w/ taking the WHOLE family Makoni's & Lapuaho's to Hogle Zoo it was a great time spent w/ all the very close LOVED ones.  We arrived to G-Ma & G-Pa Lapu'ahos for B-fast and packing to head out to Hogle.
Me & Mom & Dad (G-Ma & G-Pa Makoni) w/Moala Si'i & Sisi
**3rd year was very low key due our busy schedule, and our tight budget we went out for dinner, and a movie very simple & FUN!
**4th year I got a new camera WOOOO HOOOOOOO along w/ a very beautiful card from you & your Daddy I'll have to post about it...that my dear is how cute of a b-day card it is!  We spent the night w/ the Makoni's where Aunty Ita made some YUMMY cupcakes w/ yummy snacks.  Your Dad had a crazy idea to spend about $400 plus just for my b-day UHHHhhhh.....not good so he did w/ what he could!! I've learned to embrace the fact that I'm going uphill rather then down but it's all good!! Love you momma....

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